Overseas Projects

Project Kakak Dan Adik- an overseas initiative

Project Kakak Dan Adik supports art therapy and skills workshops for Rohingya refugees, specifically targeted at empowering women. It aims to create spaces of support, opportunity and healing for Rohingya women and improve their physical health by creating a sustainable funding program. Under Project Kakak Dan Adik, basic monthly grocery drives are carried out to aid low income refugee families in their daily lives. Skills based workshops are also conducted for female refugees who are deemed culturally as incapable to contribute to their families. The skill workshops aims to break such cultural norms and provide family with a new lease of life. Under kakak dan adik, Reyna also link up the skill based workshops with the art therapy program, which would give these women a creative outlet for their trauma, through drawing, design, sewing and jewellery-making. Another program under this project is the creation of a cook book sharing recipes and stories of Rohingya women, to combine a shared love of food and humanity between Rohingya and Malaysian communities.

What We Do:

Monthly Grocery Drives


Every Month, The Reyna Team holds a grocery drive for the Rohingyan women, where food is provided to about 30 families. These families are provided with food packs, and these food packs consist of some eggs, oil, onions and rice- food products they need in preparing their daily meals.

Upskilling Programmes


Bracelets, Brooches and Chains- these women make it all. The Reyna Movement has brought in various sponsors and partners to come in and teach the Rohingyan women how to make jewellery, which will be sold online in other parts of the world, like Singapore. The proceeds will be given back to the women.

Next Steps...

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