Local Projects

Project Ria- a local initiative

Project Ria is the women empowerment project based in Singapore. This project aims to raise awareness of the plight and struggles faced by women all over the world, and build a community in Singapore where women can share about common issues they face.

From inviting experts to hold talks and facilitate dialogue sessions in The Workshop Series, to holding movie screening events like Bodies For Sale to paint a clearer picture of the plight of refugees, Project Ria hopes to educate and provide women with guidance, insight and support.


Upcoming Events:

The Workshop Series

The Workshop Series consists of a series of talks organised by The Reyna Movement to provide women with a comfortable and safe arena to speak freely about issues they face. From sharing experiences of violence and rape to discussing the politics of menstruation, the workshop series aims to help women build a community rooted in trust, where women will feel comfortable opening up. Experts are invited to speak during the workshops to provide professional perspective on such issues and other issues pertinent to women around the world. Below are the list of workshops we'll be holding. click more to find out what each workshop is about.

Upcoming Workshops:

Workshop #2: Sex trafficking and Refugees (on Women’s Rights)

Workshop #3: Objectification of Women

Workshop #4: Ethical Pornography

Workshop #5: On Rape and Sexual Assault (topic on consent)


Past Events:

Workshop #1: Politics Of Menstruation

Bodies For Sale: A movie screening