About Us


Reyna Movement

The Reyna Movement is a regional organization that aims to empower women through community engagement and up-skilling programs. It currently has two projects running, Project Kakak dan Adik in Kuala Lumpur and Project Ria in Singapore.


P R O J E C T   K & A

Kakak Dan Adik is an initiative that provides supports for Rohingya refugees displaced around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It aims to create spaces of support, opportunity and healing for Rohingya women and children, improving their physical health and education by creating a sustainable funding program.


P R O J E C T   R I A  

Project Ria is an initiative that aims to create spaces of support and learning for women in Singapore. It looks to establish a community by starting conversations on issues that affect women in Singapore, using education and open dialog as a means of empowerment.

In order to fulfill both aims of creating a strong community and running educational activities, Project Ria organises workshops that explore experiences and issues related to women.

Founding Team


Founder & CEO

Raeesah is the founder of the Reyna movement. She is also a participating member in activist organisations.

As an activist, she has successfully campaigned against having children seeking asylum in detention, fought deregulation of tertiary institutions and always fought for the rights of marginalised people. Raeesah believes strongly in empowering women and girls, and will carry on the fight for their right to education and independence.


Executive Director

Whitney is the Executive director and the backbone of the organisation.

She is responsible for the operational aspect of the business. A feminist at heart, she believes in empowering women to attain financial freedom through personal branding and development.

She is also an artist who employs art therapy techniques to help communities.