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Sanctuary and Solidarity- Towards Women Empowerment

From helping vulnerable women refugees get an education to building a community of support for women, The Reyna Movement believes in empowering women from all walks of life with the voice, confidence and skills needed for a meaningful life. The two main projects we are running now are Project Ria in Singapore, and Project Kakak Dan Adik a project in Kuala Lumpur. Click below to find out more about these projects, and find how you can contribute, if you, too, believe in our cause.



Local Projects

Projects based in Singapore are aimed at creating spaces of support and learning for the local women community. Educational programs and open dialogues are held and facilitated by experts to help women learn. We seek to establish a community where women can feel comfortable about discussing some of the common issues they may face.

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Overseas Projects

Our overseas project seeks to help the the women and children refugees of the Rohingya community that have fled to Kuala Lumpur in search of a better life. From ensuring their basic needs are met to imparting valuable skills that can boost their employability, The Reyna Movement seeks to help empower them with the confidence needed to lead meaningful lives.

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