Sanctuary and Solidarity- Towards Women Empowerment

From helping vulnerable women refugees get an education to building a community of support for women, The Reyna Movement believes in empowering women from all walks of life with the voice, confidence and skills needed for a meaningful life. We are a regional organisation that seeks to raise awareness on issues and struggles faced by women, and get the public involved in helping them cope with their struggles. Click below to find out more about our projects, and find how you can contribute, if you, too, believe in our cause.

Our Projects

Our Values

Resilience, Persistence and Solidarity

Our Values

Our Story

Reyna Movement was started in July 2016 by Raeesah Khan and Whitney Tan who saw the dearth in support for refugees in Singapore. Wanting to bridge that gap, they had started Reyna as a means to raise awareness for their cause in Singapore and other countries.

Our Team

Our Team

Raeesah Khan works relentlessly to keep this organisation going. She serves the as the pillar of strength for all our projects, by being present at events both in Malaysia and in Singapore.

Whitney manages Projects under Reyna Movement, along with administrative duties. She is also the creative backbone of the Reyna team, and she creates content for our social media sites and marketing strategies. She works closely with our founder to develop projects.

Whitney has experience in running a Voluntary Welfare Organisation under MINDS MYG as the Central Committee Secretary. She has been actively involved with social communities in the past 6 years.

Sharifah Shakirah is a human rights activist in Malaysia. She is a Burmese Rohingya but grew up in Malaysia. She received her primary, secondary and college education in schools run by NGOs. She has holds certificates in IT and English.

Having been a refugee herself, Sharifah understands the needs of the refugee community and strives to make the lives of refugees better. She has contributed greatly to this community, and works in collaboration with many NGOs based in Malaysia. Her job as a professional multilingual interpreter gave her the opportunity to work together with INGOs and international media groups as well.

Currently, she manages projects for The Reyna Movement, and works closely with our team to bring educational and upskilling programs to women in her community.

Naziehah is Reyna Movement’s Strategic advisor where she does donor management and strategic advising.

The synergy of her academic, cross-cultural work and travel experiences compliments her key competencies in Strategy, Digital and Experience Design. This positions her well to add positive and incremental value for brands in the changing landscapes. Other than inventing creative problem-solving solutions, Naziehah socially driven to help bridge the gaps between individuals, creatives and their business goals. She likes to encourage belief and empower individuals to tap into their inner potential and identify their unique capabilities in their passionate pursuit to design a life worth living.

Kasthury is Reyna Movement’s Corporate Communications manager where she manages our social media platforms and communications documents.

Kasthury is a third-cultured nomad who has a passion to help others. With the experiences and life lessons she has gained from her travels, she wishes to help better Malaysia, which has a special significance as her home country. She has a lot of experience working with multiple organizations to help children from the underprivileged background and believes that change is to take place from the grassroots. Recently, she has co-founded an organization called Wangdus that helps spread random acts of kindness around Malaysia. As an attempt to keep connected to her culture, Kasthury’s hobbies include Bharathanatyam, and improving her Tamil proficiency. Her passion also extends to building a quasi-educational motivation camp for the Indian ethnic minority children of Malaysia. As the public relations manager for Reyna, Kasthury is trying her best to do her part whilst juggling full-time uni, doing her Masters in International Affairs at the Australian National University.